Bob Matthews

Bob has five great loves in his life…his wife, kids, family, Radio/TV & Sports. /strong> Actually, radio WAS his first love ;-) Bob is a radio and TV veteran who was born and raised in Easton, PA. He’s worked at WVPO-AM, WSBG-FM, ESPN Radio in the Poconos & Lehigh Valley, WYOU-TV, and still works with BRC-TV 13. He began his career at WBQW in Scranton in 1981, and hasn’t wanted to do anything but work in Radio/TV (sports, news and on-air) since that time. You can also hear Bob at Lehigh University football games and wrestling matches, and see him on BRC-TV 13, broadcasting high school football, and elementary, high school and college wrestling throughout the fall and winter.


Bob wrestled (in his younger years & in college), played football, baseball, men’s fast & slow pitch softball, was a long-jumper in track, and believe it or not, was an excellent bowler at one time. He now continues to compete in much safer venues --- the fantasy football and baseball worlds.

Besides trying to raise two teenagers, Bob volunteers with the Miracle League of Northampton County (allows children and young adults with physical and mental disabilities to play baseball), and tries to give back to several local charitable and non-profit organizations.

HHe is a fanatic when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings, New York Mets and the New York Rangers, and the NY Knicks, when they are good.

What does he do in his spare time ? HE HAS NO SPARE TIME ;-)


  • Listen to... love 80’s music, Classic and 90’s rock, new country and even some of today’s hits!
  • Watch... mostly sports – MLB & NFL Networks; Video on Demand comedies and thrillers; Big Bang Theory and Modern Family, The Voice and So You Think You Can Dance (those kids are so amazingly talented)…and sometimes, Jerry Springer (sorry ;-)
  • Love... God, my family, friends and my country; just about all sports (esp. folkstyle and freestyle wrestling); ice cream & cherry pie; the Beach; corny and stupid jokes; breakfast and dinner buffets; target and skeet shooting…and the fact that I get to be back on the radio every day !
  • Dislikes... drivers who don’t use turn signals; ignorant, selfish or rude people; long trips in a car or van; men with awesome hair ;-), the civil unrest in our country; winter ice, and anything involving the Kardashians !!!
  • Fondest Childhood Memories... spending the last two weeks of every summer at the jersey shore with my dad, mom, sisters, brothers-in-law and my nieces and nephews.



How did you get into radio? I was a sophomore Journalism major at Northampton Community College and they needed someone to do a weeknight rock show from 8 to 11 p.m. I thought, “hey, that might be fun”, and it was. That next semester I changed my area of concentration to Broadcast Journalism.

What is your guilty pleasure? Sweet Chili flavored Doritos, Creamsicle flavored ice cream, Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffees and PIE !

Have you ever been to jail? Yes, to cover news stories, but I have never been IN JAIL for a crime !

Three things you would have on a desert island? My wife and kids (is that one thing ?), the internet and a working refrigerator.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive? My Dad, who passed away when I was 23…and Babe Ruth

If you were going to be on a reality TV Show, which one would it be? The Bachelor – IF I WERE SINGLE ;-)

What is waiting for you when you get home? A floppy-eared bunny that my kids forget to feed, a wonderful, but whiney daughter, a tired wife and a son who is usually on x-Box !

  • 610-826-9668
  • 610-826-9717

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